As a gerontologist, I help organizations operationalize and integrate person-centered values into their important work of supporting elders and people with dementia. Here are some of the ways in which I can help you.

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I help person-centered values come to life through education on person-centered care and person-centered dementia care

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I help person-centered values come to life through evaluation and organizational assessment of person-centered care and person-centered dementia care

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I help person-centered values come to life by putting them into practice


Hand in HandKaren Stobbe and I are co-developers of the CMS Hand in Hand Training Toolkit. See how we can help you use this great resource.

I provide education for:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living communities
  • Adult day service providers
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
  • Home and Community-based Services
  • Community Organizations (non-profits, civic organizations, faith-based communities, etc.)
  • Governmental agencies and departments
  • Commercial businesses
  • Elders and their families
  • The General Public

Types of education include:

  • Training
    • For all members of your organization, including nurse aides, nurses, social services, recreation, housekeeping, maintenance, leaders, etc.
  • Client/resident/consumer education
    • For clients and residents your organization supports, as well as their family members and friends
  • Workshops
    • Half day or full day workshops
  • Conference presentations including keynotes and breakout sessions
  • Webinars
  • Curriculum development

Topics and descriptions of recent educational programs


Evaluation is vitally important to person-centered care and culture change.

How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you are? How do you know whether it is working? How can you create supports and services for elders and people with dementia if you don’t have their perspective? How can you support staff if you don’t know what they need?

Types of evaluation I can provide for you are:

  • Focus group & survey research
  • Program evaluation
  • Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessment

When long-term care communities (or other organizations) are committed to becoming more person-centered, an organizational assessment is an essential, foundational phase in a person-centered journey.

The goal is to conduct an objective, yet expert-informed, outside appraisal of where an organization is in providing person-centered care, as well as where they would like to be and what they need to get there.

An organizational assessment provides an organization with the information and insight they need to achieve their goals and ultimately become a better place for people to live or receive services, as well as a better place for team members (staff) to work.

I provide organizational assessments for overall person-centered care, or specific to person-centered dementia care.

A thorough organizational assessment process gathers information about an organization from residents, families, team members (staff), clinicians, leadership and other stakeholders as identified. This includes what goes well, what are areas of opportunities and improvement, what person-centered activities are currently happening, and all stakeholders’ vision for a person-centered community. This information is then organized and analyzed for themes, and presented back to the leadership team with recommendations.


Whether you are wanting your organization to become more person-centered, or interested in creating new programs built upon person-centered values, I can provide expert, objective guidance on HOW to go about this. Here are some of the ways I can help:

  • Organizational Coaching
    • Helping nursing homes, assisted living communities and other organizations become more person-centered through recommendations, action planning, identifying resources, and facilitating the change process.
  • Program development
    • Creating new programs to support people growing older and growing with dementia.
  • Proposal development
    • Writing proposals to fund person-centered projects.


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